Sunday, February 7, 2010

This blog has moved!

I've officially moved my blog :D I've imported all the content in this blog to the new one, but I'm not going to delete the ones here, in case people are linking to them.

I was growing tired of using Blogspot...

  • I get comments delivered, but not all the time... it's annoying when I could only reply to comments weeks or months after it's left, just because I wasn't aware it's there... with Wordpress at least it's all neatly accessible from the dashboard.
  • Speaking of comments, spams... I get spams on Blogspot. Not a lot, but I'd only find out (and clean it up) after I re-check all my entries for any new comments.
  • Finally, I'd be able to hide my long entries behind a cut!
  • Also, hurray for categories and static pages! Spent a fair amount of time re-categorising and tagging my entries, so hopefully it'd be easier to navigate.
I've already planned for a few new updates, so hopefully I can spare some time to sit down and update the new blog :D


妝狂 said...
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Anonymous said...

You can put comments through moderation now, I left blogspot for a while for the same reasons but they made changes, and it's okay now.

But people are still spamming :/

Sharakael said...

Yea, but I think it's too late... I find that I prefer the features on Wordpress more after using it for a while. There's practically nothing to entice me to return to blogger...