Thursday, July 31, 2008

Princess Concerto - "Unmei no Dear"

When I last posted about Princess Concerto, I mentioned that it had a nice opening song. After posting that post, suddenly I felt like listening to the song again... found a video on YouTube (embedded below) which has the full version of the song, even if the graphic quality isn't very good. But good enough, I think, to quench my longing to hear the song. Also, Alfred is one of the cutest main character in a non-otome game I've seen for a long time (*^__^* ) I really like his clothes' design (in the first half of the video, he's the one shown riding a horse, red clothes). Check this YouTube video if you want to see CG scenes from the game (accompanied by a completely unrelated song).

The song's title, "Unmei no Dear", translates to "Fated Dear" (I think). I believe CDJapan still has the CD in stock... Play-Asia still has the PS2 game in stock.