Monday, May 4, 2009

Otome games(?) on DLSite

A while back I remembered someone on the Forum linked to otome games on DLSite... and today I was rather bored so I decided to try to find them (and see if DLSite actually has a functional search function or not).

Managed to find a few, and some of them actually looked interesting enough that I'm considering creating an account to buy them.

Has anyone tried them? Any opinion?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Other English otome games?

Was browsing when I found this list of English otome games. While most of the games there I've known the existence of, I saw at least 2 which I didn't know and which looked interesting:

Am particularly interested in Spirited Heart, but am not sure if it's good... I mean, the art is good, but what about the dokidoki factor...?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

True Remembrance (free English doujin game)

If you're looking for a good doujin game in English, I recommend you to try true remembrance. The game was translated from Japanese as part of the al|together event (for information on what it is, the About Page should answer all of your question). The latest one held was in 2008.

It's not an otome game, but... the story is just good. It's not something I can describe or write a review for, it's just something you have to play and enjoy for yourself. Download it, and at least play for the first half an hour to decide whether or not you like the game. If you like it, spread the word... there might be others out there who would like the game but don't even know it exists.

Others I want to play are narcissu and Moonshine, but that has to wait for another time...