Friday, August 29, 2008

Flow (Flash)

If you're ever looking for a short flash game that can be played on PC (maybe when you're bored at work/in class), can I recommend Flow? It's simple and won't take you ages to learn how to play. You'll also get to see your critter grow and evolve, which is awesome. The picture below is my critter after I ate everything on every level (for the Flash game). ...well... might have missed a few, actually.

And if you like the game, there's an offline mode (around 8MB) which you can download and play at home. If you're more into console... well, the game has been ported to PSP and PS3. It's a nice game to kill time :D

Monday, August 25, 2008

MoshiKimi + PuriPani = review

Finished playing all routes in Moshimo no Kimi to Boku and some of Prince Panic, and I have to say that they're excellent otome doujin games.

MoshiKimi is one of those games where you need to play all the character routes and the secret character route to understand the whole storyline. Each character's route will give you a piece of clue to the major secret in the game, and it's not until you play the final route (Klaus) that it will reveal everything that happened and give you the True Ending. Gameplay is pretty straightforward; a day in the game is divided into 2 part, morning and day, and in each part you can choose to either visit a character or work on the gown for the princess. Each character can be visited at the same location on the same part of the day (except Borries, who swaps later on). To finish the game successfully, you need to concentrate on the same character and work on the gown (failing to make any progress on the gown when you reach a certain day will give you Game Over). Sometimes you also have a set action to do; this will be shown in the top-right box. Example, early in the game you'll need to visit the princess to ask her what design and colour she'd want for her gown (Klaus will quiz you on this later). Later in the game you need to visit Heinz to ask for sample materials, etc. (If you delay doing this set action Klaus will ask you sternly why you hadn't done it.)

Having played all the routes... I have to say this, the True Ending is worth getting (especially if you can understand enough Japanese to understand the storyline, or you're using AGTH). Also, Kail was so cute~~ XD

PuriPani is pretty difficult to play without a guide... mostly because all the questions you answer in the first half of the game will determine whose route you'll be on. The first half of the game are pretty much the same for all the routes; same questions etc. During the trial period the main character will get assigned to all 3 princes in turn. If you answer the questions correctly, after the trial period you'll get assigned to a particular prince... but if you reach a certain point where the head maid lets you arrange your own timetable after the trial period, be prepared for Game Over. The later half of the game is completely different for each character; each character route doesn't overlap and you're pretty much playing a new story for each character. Personally, I think it's awesome :D

I haven't played all the routes, but I can say this... for an doujin game, PuriPani was excellent. I played a route which I thought would be nothing special, and was treated to drama and a serious story. Another character I played without expecting anything, and I got treated to a very cute romance story (Masaya~~ ^o^ ) By the way, characters will show up on the main page after you get their ending. ...which explains why in the screenshot I took I only have 4 characters... still need to play Johnny, Anise and the Secret Character ~_~


By the way, using the guide will get you a good ending, but you're not likely to get 100% CGs or Events for MoshiKimi. The guides for PuriPani will give you the Best Endings for each character. I think a guide for all the possible endings is asking a bit too much. For a start, PuriPani has 28 Endings...